Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Youtube yoinkage July 23, 2010

This week's theme is Mike Komisarek because 1: he's a Leaf 2: he hits people when his shoulder doesn't hurt 3:he's really pretty and 4: he visits kids with cancer and really likes burgers. To the clips!

Clip one is how Mike spends summers at the 3E institute. (CONTAINS: shirtless Komisarek, may impede work progress)

In clip two, some guy asks Mike oddball questions like "which one of the Kostitsyn brothers is more attractive?" I'll have to agree with Mike's response of "what kind of question is that?"--the correct answer is neither Kostitsyn brother.

Clip three, because it still cracks me up like a madwoman every time, is "Mike Komisarek and Martin Forever Leafs Sucks"

Astute viewers may notice that all of these clips are from when Mike was part of the Montreal Canadiens. I can't help it if right after he went to the Leafs, he hurt his shoulder and stopped doing silly stuff in order to heal. Get well soon, Mike.


Al Moncion said...

Some guy? Clearly you're not Canadian. Landsberg is like a demi-god in these parts.

Mr. Koolaide said...

Uhm... ever hear of something where the tongue is firmly inserted in cheek? She knows who he is... it flew by your head.

Loser Domi said...

Al Moncion and Mr. Koolaide, you're both wlecome for stopping in! uh, yeah. Tongue in cheek, sure...but you're right that I'm not Canadian. Consider me schooled.

/goes into box
//feels shame

Loser Domi said...

and I was trying to be funny. I'm obviously not clever enough for it.

Host Pay Per Head said...

Only the 2nd makes him the best candidate for the Friday Youtube Yoinkage.


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