Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Youtube yoinkage May 7th, 2010

Huzzah! I have returned and I am still alive! However, for this week's installment of the FYY, I don't really have a unified theme. I found this clip over at Puck Daddy, where I did grab my mouth andwince, like Sean Leahy said I'd do. It's the Blackhawks competing in Popsicle eating, and I'd love it if the leafs did silly stuff like this. They were pretty small Popsicles, to be honest.

Clip two, I typed in "Hockey sensitive teeth", and this clip from "Slovakia's got Talent" came up. He is a good accordion player, even if I can't tell what he has to do with hockey or sensitive teeth:

clip three: Marc-Andre Fleury wears a Steelers helmet and waves a "terrible towel." Silly golee, u wearz wrong helmett.


Bloge Salming said...

Everytime I read the word "yoinkage" I can't help but smile.

Great posts (I had some catching up to do...)


McSwarley said...

The US can't even win a popsicle eating contest? I have lost all faith in my country.


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