Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mikhail Grabovski's Secret Injury Diary

Hallos folks! Is me, Belorussian Hockey man Mihkail Grabovski! Now, I knows you all asking, "Mikhail, how you type with broken wrist?" Well readers, I make talk to text thingy work for Mikhail, because Alexei Ponikarovsky cannot be translationer all the time. He tells me has things to do, like wash hair and do laundry. I think he is liar-face.

I check online and it says I in injured reserve with Mike Van Ryn, Wayne Primeau, and Tim Brent. First, I must be asking, WHO THE FUCK IS TIM BRENT? But Wayne and Mikey are nice guys, even if they are broken. The sounds of Mikey's iron lung are much soothing. Is good for me, as I have started meditation program to relax and heal better. Wayne says he could try but his knee is too hurty. In Belarus, he would have been shot, like horse, even though Belorussian bullets will not heal hurt legs.

But being injured is so boring! I still skate, but I am not allowed to shoot puck, so I have practice like half time. It means less time to make fun of Vesa Toskala for looking like liquor store bum. But I know, Vesa be best fashionable liquor store bum ever.

I start online diary to pass boredom, except my injured life is pretty boring. I watch Maury Povich for first time. It was a "Who is Daddy?" episode. I like how when the guy is not father, he does awesome dance. And then when lady is right and the guy is father, she does awesome dance. I have made note to never, ever upset Maury Povich woman, because she could probably rip off my head and eat me (if she does not break ears with yelling first.)

Last night I have strange dream. I was standing with woman in wheelchair and I had giant skate. These painkillers are brutal. Oh well. Almost as weird as that one with the pineapples. Time to relax and drink lots of juice. Keep on rocking! --Mikhail


Sergei Puckizin said...

Hey Grabs,

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see you back on the ice again.

Get well soon!

Your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

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vancitycanuck said...

Wow, I kinda wish that investment comment was done in Grabovski belarusian fact I wish more things were written in Grabovski belarusian english

Loser Domi said...

Sergei: Welcome! (if you haven't been here before) Grabs will update when he can.

VancityCanuck: I don't know if you've been here before, so welcome! And Grabovski English would greatly improve all spam

vancitycanuck said...

I haven't ever left a comment before, but I've read your stuff before, here and on BMR.

Maybe I'll make more comments in the future =)


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