Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday YouTube Yoinkage: Funny fails edition

I know the Leafs haven't been that great lately. So, to take my mind off that, this week I am offering up 3 examples of failing being funny and not totally heart breaking.

Clip one: A commercial for an old diet pill that suggests EVERYONE HAS AYD'S!

clip two: Advert from The Natural confectionary company. Speaking foreign languages is always a good thing.

clip three: Bruins Escalator girl!


Irene Tanga said...


Ryan said...

I admire escalator girl's gumption.

Zack said...

Not pictured on Escalator Girl:

The frat boy who pushed her over the railing to her death cause "My brah told me to."

Also, what the hell is a Loge?


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