Monday, October 13, 2008

Maple Leafs Chat: Release the Kitties!

**Welcome to the Maple Leafs Chat room!**
ShakeNBlake: So then I says to the woman, “hells yes I want that wit cheese”
Human_frogger: you like cheese, don’t you?
**Antrobot_80000 has entered the chat room!**
Antrobot_80000: mood-- worried
Human_frogger: wat’s wrong, antro?
Antrobot_80000:Poni sent me picture that’s very sad to me
Antrobot_80000: here I sends it here:
** Antrobot_80000 is attempting to send image**
ShakeNBlake: You better not be Goatse-ing us
Human_frogger: Or 2girls1cup. Not. COOL.
ShakeNBlake: Wellwood kept trying to pull that shit on us all the time. That and Rickrolling. I never got it

Human_frogger: Oh that’s a cute kitty!
ShakeNBlake: Nik, that’s an LOLcat.
Antrobot_80000: I knows. Isn’t it sad?
Human_frogger: How is an LOLcat making you sad?
Antrobot_80000: Look at that poor kitty. He never gonna gets delicious chees-bour-ger. Poor, poor little kitty
ShakeNBlake: Nik, you know that’s just a picture right? I mean, you don’t even know where this cat is—it could be anywhere.
Human_frogger: Yeah Nik, that picture could have been from any time. The cat could already be dead or something
Antrobot_80000: Dey starves kitty? How cruel! I needs to finding kitty and gives him delicious bore-gers!
** Antrobot_80000 has left the chat room**
Human_frogger: What a freak.
ShakeNBlake:It’s only 6:30 and already the boy ain’t right
** Antrobot_80000 has entered local Burger King!**
Burger_guy:Welcome to Burger King, may I help you, Sir?
Antrobot_80000: ..and for me. Saving kitties from starving is hungry work.
Burger_guy: Sir, are you high? Have you been smoking weed? Can you get me some?
Antrobot_80000: No foolin! Dis SERIOUS BIZNESS!
Burger_guy: Please don’t eat me, mister large Russian guy.
Antrobot_80000: I do not eat you!
Burger_guy: Would you like a cheeseburger value meal?
Antrobot_80000:Hmmm…kitty did no say nothing about value meal…
**trusty_tlusty has entered local Burger King!**
Burger_guy: Sir, may I help you instead?
trusty_tlusty: i can haz cheezburger?
Burger_guy: Sorry sir, but this other man has ordered all of our cheeseburgers
Antrobot_80000: Starving kitty needs a chesburger!
Antrobot_80000: /shows picture
trusty_tlusty: De kitteh is no starving. He’s all fat
Antrobot_80000:But poor kitty wants a cheese bore-ger and he’s no getting a cheese-bore-ger
trusty_tlusty: just look at de kitteh. He’s so happy. He seeses a cheezburger and he probably getz it
Antrobot_80000: I never thought of it like that
Burger_guy: Here are your cheeseburgers, sir.
trusty_tlusty: I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?
Antrobot_80000:Sure, I even let you pay for it.


dani said...


Human_frogger: How is an LOLcat making you sad?

Jaredoflondon said...

LOLcats, the Leafs and cheese burgers, if there were BJ's in this it would be perfect.

wait no, I don't want that, forget I ever said it.

Anonymous said...

Has the Leafs misfortunes lately brought you fans to this? Maybe I just dont know whats going on here but its funny and probably the weirdest thing I have read in a while.

eyebleaf said...

I know pronounce cheeseburger "cheese-bour-ger."

Thanks for that.

Chemmy said...

"Has the Leafs misfortunes lately brought you fans to this?"

Pretty much yes. We're all worried about poor loser domi, she's taking this harder than most.

blurr1974 said...

brilliant. Thanks for the laugh in what may be a rather painful season...

Loser Domi said...

@dani: human_frogger is a deep thinker

@jared: you need to specify receiving BJs for it to be awesome

@leviathanfs20: thanks for coming in. I have fun here. Other people (even non-Leafs fans!) That's all.

@eyebleaf:do you also ask for refreshing sosa-sola?

@chemmy:awww, thanks for worrying about me. But I have Captain morgan as my guide this season

@blurr1974: have you been here before? I'm not sure. Welcome. I try to do what I can to have some fun here

Harold said...

Loser Domi said...

harold: first off, welcome. second, that's awesome


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