Sunday, February 17, 2008

Midterms+work+other stuff = lazy Domi

So, in between midterms, settling stuff with next year's roomie (woohoo!) and whatnot, the next few weeks are going to be a bit busy. I do intend to update, but they'll be lazy ones.

Today I present something I started in the comments section of this Melt Your Face Off post. All I know is it was hella fun and I feel as if I should reproduce it here for all of you. I present hockey themed porno names! (feel free to throw in your own sugestions)

from me (2 different posts):
Light My Lamp
Ride my Zamboni
Wax my Stick
Five-Hole Follies
Butt-end Adventures
Shovel Sluts
Pine Riders Gone WILD!
Mighty Dicks/Dykes
Wood is Good
Fucking like Puckbunnies
Slap Slut
In Her Crease
Darcy, Tucker!
Too Many Men
Knob Gobblers 14 Hosted by Sean Avery
My First Five Hole
TimBIts ain’t just for Breakfast Anymore
Stoppage: Hand Pass
[Team a] Sucks, [Team B] Swallows
Czech me out! Hosted by Jiri Tlusty

from lenoceur :
Two Minutes in the Sin Bin
After Her First Period
Five on Three Action
Putting Biscuits in the Basket
Deep Throat 6: Moose Jaw

from Weed Against Speed :
Assume the Butterfly Position 8: Between the Pipes
Scat Games 27: Dump and Chase
Tiny Asians with Tiny Snatches 12: Neutral Zone Trap

from rocketretard:
Two Minutes For Hooking


Sean said...

Ron Tugnutt

Jaredoflondon said...

Rod Bring D'amour
Illegal Curve : Measure that stick.
Power Plays: Get it in deep
Go Deep And Choke: featuring the Ottawa Senators
The Great Semin: A Tale of Two Alexes

Greener said...

Lance Pitlick

Sean said...

In Search of a Man Who Can Backup Puppa

I Almost Drove Off the Road Thanks to Ray Emery's Hummer

The HZA said...

Hat Trick Cum Shot
Penalty Box Sluts 12: Five For Fucking
Avery's Ass Rammers

I tried to come up with one about Zambonis and didn't get very far.

Loser Domi said...

dangit these all sound like so much fun

Scotty Hockey said...

'Man Advantage' and its sequal 'Two Man Advantage' (How has no one used this?!?)
'Heater's Hooters' a girl's gone wild romp courtesy of Killer Heatley
'Up The Butt' with Vinny Prospal
'Wild in Minnesota'
and my fav:


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