Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday Snarky Joke: November 28, 2007

This feature was once known as "Wednesday Bar Joke." However, I'm kind of sick of looking for "Appropriate" (meaning Greener won't complain at me) funny bar jokes that I haven't heard before. Most of them were either 1)ones I had heard many times before 2)would give Greener nightmares or 3) not funny. Instead, I'll just put up some snarky joke to continue with a regular feature :

A young boy with a green, yellow and red Mohawk sits next to an old man at the park. After 5 minutes he turns to the old man and says "What are you staring at? You never did anything crazy in your life?" The old man turns and says, "Sure I have... I had sex with a peacock years back and I'm wondering if you're my son".

stolen from www.lotsofjokes.com (I modified the grammar a bit, however)

1 Comment:

Greener said...

These jokes posts...they...wow.

BTW, I love that you end with "...stolen from www.lotsofjokes.com(I modified the grammar a bit, however)"


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