Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday YouTube Gooodness (The extra O is for "O boy these are great")

Clip one: Well, I did a search for the song “Me Like Hockey” by Arrogant Worms (who are excellent, by the way.) The only videos for it were this and a really, really shitty MS paint montage. I couldn’t sit through they MS paint one—it was that bad. So instead, here’s the “Full Metal Alchemist” version.

Clip two: "Wayne Gretzky" by Goldfinger
I did a search for “Wayne Gretzky drunk” with the intention of finding the end interview of “The Boys on the Bus” which includes a drunken Gretz near the end, if I remember correctly. Instead, this was one of the first things to come up. Besides, haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to have sex with the Great one?

Clip Three: Bryan McCabe "Tribute" (quotes are mine)
This is stolen from (great folk over there.) I saw this and couldn't stop giggling through it.



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