Thursday, October 25, 2007

Youtube Keeps Me From Having to Put Effort Into Posts

First off, my apologies for not updating nearly often enough. I'm just dealing with a lot of crap right now between university work, personal/family issues, and the like. In addition, this weekend is Halllowe'en weekend, so I anticipate lots and lotsa drunken debauchery, which means probably not much posting. Instead, I present to you 3 of my favorite Youtube clips that I can somehow finagle a way to get them to be about hockey. As always, enjoy!

Clip one: Tie Domi on "The Rick Mercer Report":
Well, it's Tie Domi, so the hockey connection pretty much explains itself. The "ooh--pussy willow!" line gets me every single time. However, I can never get the friggin' napkin flower to come out.

Clip two: (possibly NSFW due to 3 seconds of naked man ass) Gunther and the Sunshine Girls: "Ding Ding Song (You Touch my Tra-la-la)":
Well, Gunther is Swedish, and Swedish people like hockey, therefore, using a "Six Degrees of Separation"-type rule, Gunther = hockey. Plus gorgeous women, so it's all good. What I mean is, I'm a straight woman, but Sunshine Girls...holy hotness, Batman!

Clip three: Elmo's World- Behind the Scenes
The only connection I can make is that I imagine this is how Jeremy Roenick is behind the scenes from reading Barry Melrose Rocks ( all the time:



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