Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pedestrian Patrol--A New Hero During Uncertain Times

Howdy ho, Domiteers! I have a little bit of a story/rant behind today’s post. You see, a friend of mine was telling me how the campus security was starting to issue tickets to people who were jaywalking on campus grounds. I will be honest—we aren’t that big of a school. We have a maximum of 2000 students, and the campus itself can be crossed by foot in about twenty minutes. Cars are only supposed to go about 20 kilometers per hour, and even if they don’t they usually see the pedestrian and stop.

This post is basically just a rant about how much it sucks being a pedestrian in Québec and how the campus security would (theoretically) start cracking down on students crossing the road any where they want. The French word for a pedestrian is piéton, which sounds suspiciously like the English word peon*, which is what you are in Québec if you are a pedestrian. Unlike lots of other students, I’ll actually wait for the cars to stop for me before I cross the road. I do this not out of courtesy or empathy for the drivers, but so I don’t get killed. I’ve got some things do to and being flattened by a Dodge Stratus isn’t one of them.

* = but with a “t” in the middle and an extra vowel sound

In case you can't read the pictures, just click on them and follow the panels like a normal comic book.



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